Welcome to the Degree Project Examinations for the Master Education in Applied Art and Design

  • Arts and Crafts with Specialisation in Metal Art
    • Examiner: Heniner Zimmermann, Professor
  • Arts and Design with Specialisation in Wood Oriented Furniture Design
    • Examiner: Torsten Hild, Professor


25 April 2022 

8:45 – 9:00 Zoom Meeting Room Open
Welcome and Opponent introductions
9:00-10:00 Maike Brandl                Opponent: Mats Aldén
10:00 – 10:15 Break
10:15 -11:15 Frances Clifford      Opponent: Emille de Blanche
11:25 – 12:25 Leo Palmer               Opponent: Mats Aldén
12:25 – 13:25 Break
13:25 -14:25 Carina Fogde           Opponent: Emille de Blanche
14:35 – 15:35 Masashi Rai             Opponent: Mats Aldén
15:35  – 15:50 Break
15:50 – 16:50 Daniel Strandow    Opponent: Emille de Blanche
Zoom Link: https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/69155161490

The Examinations will be held in the Steneby Konsthall:   

  • The examinations are open
  • Visitors may attend in person or on zoom https://gu-se.zoom.us/j/69155161490
  • We ask Zoom visitors the following: keep yourself muted during the examinations and raise your ”Zoom Hand” if you have a question or comment at the end of the examination

About the opponents:

Emille de Blanche –  Metal Art 

Emille de Blanche sculptures move in the borderland between the abstract and the geometric. Inspired by subcultures and process art, materiality often forms the basis of the different starting points that shape de Blanche works. Her sculptures are a collage of various motifs and details from the public space, where de Blanche highlights and lifts details from their original context and allows them to be transformed in her sculptures. The motifs often reveal something unseen in a new light, creating new readings and contexts. In her work, de Blanche draws on a personal archive of different environments, with fragmented memories of places and details forming the basis of her work in the studio. Her archive consists of alternative views of the city, of urban interaction and exploration of shared public space. The use of industrial materials is central to the process and de Blanche sees it as a direct reflection of the public environment, emphasising chance and anti-form as important factors in her practice.

Emille holds a MFA from Konstfack University College of Art Craft and Design and are based in Stockholm. Her work is represented in the public art collections of the Swedish Arts Council, Region Uppsala, Lidköping Municipality. Previous exhibitions include Härnösands Konsthall (2021), Alingsås Konsthall (2020), Färgfabriken (2020), (X)Sites (2018), GIBCA Extended Konstepidemin (2017), Dunkers Kulturhus (2017), Kiruna Stadshus (2017), Lidköpings Konsthall (2015) and others.


Mats Aldén – Wood Oriented Furniture Design 

Mats Aldén is an interior and furniture designer, crafter and tutor based in Stockholm.  Since 1995, he has run a design studio and workshop that has produced furniture commissions for a number of furniture manufacturers, for both public and private use as well as interior and exhibition design commissions. Since 2000 he has run the company Aldenfurniture.com that produces furniture collections for home and public environments. His work can be described as “Furniture made with devotion in ecological and sustainable materials, reflecting everyday life. Modern furniture for real life”.

Mats has worked as Professor and artistic leader at the department of Wood Orientated Furniture Design, Steneby, Senior lecturer at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts & Design dept. of Interior design & furniture design as well as guest teachers at Beckmans Design College and Capellagården.

More information: http://aldenfurniture.com

About the examination format:

  • Students will have 20 minutes to present
  • Primary Opponent – 20 minutes
  • Second Opponent / Examinator / 10 Min
  • Open discussion – 10 min