The exhibition “Extended Family II” is curated by Gothenburg University, Metal Art at Campus Steneby. The invited artists have been engaged in the faculty during recent years.
We consider all exhibiting artists to be a part of our extended family.

University af Gothenburg conducts education and research in design, film, photography, fine art, crafts and literary design. In the education Metal Art at Campus Steneby, the possibilities
of metal as artistic material are explored in a unique academic environment in the Swedish countryside. Here, teachers mentor students to
realize projects in techniques such as hot forging, manufacturing, welding and sheet metal forming in the largest academic metal
workshop in the world.
This exhibition presents teachers, guest teachers and former students af the program that are considered extended family.
Find more information an participating artists and their thoughts af their work under

Vernissage / Opening • 6 oktober 17.00-19.00

7 oktober 12.00-19.00
8 oktober 12.00-17.00
9 oktober 12.00-17.00

Exhibtion in cooperation with @pasergelstorg

Sergelgången 29

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Listen to Emile De Blance and Tilda Dalunde in Konsthantverkspodden Episode No:33


Filip Schmidt, Theotime Ritzenthaler, Wictor Eldervik, Daniel Freyne, Johannes Postlmayr, Eemu Kaikkonen, Jean Baptiste Galon, Ingrid Hopp-Hegg, Arttu Halkosaari, Frankie Clifford, Tobias Birgersson Lina Söderberg, Karl Hallberg, Prof. Heiner Zimmermann, Jokum Lind Jensen, Siri Tollander, Marcello Ferreira, Emille deBlanche.