We are happy to welcome you to the second part in the lecture series How do you do – behind the scenes of a creative mind. This time, let’s talk about food waste with Filip Lundin, Sopköket.

100 000 elephants. That’s the weight of food wasted by stores and wholesalers each year in Sweden. This has effects on the environment and the food industry. We can also see a great number of unemplyed people and people with experience and knowledge about cooking, service and food. These issues interested Filip Lundin, founder and CEO of Sopköket, which translates into ”the kitchen of garbage”.

Filip will share his way of running Sopköket. One possible way of how to bring an idea or a project to reality and all that comes with it…

How Do You Do is a series of open lectures that invites interesting people to share their work, thoughts, knowledge, success and failures. This is an ongoing and valuable opportunity to see what happens behind the scenes of a creative mind.