Här kommer en hälsning från föreningen Djuren i Skogen. Det är de som skapar magi i Dalslands skogar med sin Skogsfest. Nu bjuder de in till Höstfest lördag 9 september.

For the past 8 years, in May, there has been a festival in the forest outside Dals Långed. Skogsfesten focuses on music, art, solving environmental issues. “Folkbildning” (teaching and learning together) is also a huge part in our organization. This year for the first time it’s going to be an autumn party on September 9. To manage the cold winter here in Dalsland, we need to dance and sweat a little in the last mist together! There will be live music and a couple of DJs. It will be amazing! The evening starts with a little tea ceremony and some ambient tunes at 4 pm, but feel free to come earlier, to hang and help out, to get to know us and others. To meet a few animals maybe.

Entrance: 100 SEK (swish or cash).
For more information: skogsfesten.se

Take care of each other until we meet!
/Djuren i skogen, Skogsfesten


Steneby är med på ett hörn och medfinansierar Skogsfesten.
Förra året skrev vi en längre artikel om Skogsfesten – läs den här!