People’s paths to success are different. Some roads are long and winding, others are straight and fast. But rarely is it about pure luck, usually requires a strong will, a focus and the ability to brand themselves.

Kicki Edgren takes you on an entertaining journey filled with stories of her work with people’s dreams and goals, their stories and motivations, fears and courage. You will get hints, ideas and tools to help you to build your personal brand, your profile and your reputation.

The lecture is in English and part of the Master program – Applied Arts and Design



Kicki Edgren is an HDK alumni – Master of Fine arts in Design. She is a multi-prized designer, but also working as an illustrator, author and brand strategist. Kicki Edgren is employed as a graphic designer at the University of Gothenburg and also runs her own company since 18 years. The last two years she has helped several people with their personal brands.