Welcome to Steneby
– art, crafts and design since 1934

OPEN HOUSE for future students, teachers, study and career counselors.

Here you will find the Stenebyskolan School of Art and Cultural Education, as well as YH programs and HDK-Valand Academy of Art and Design, University of Gothenburg with education at basic and advanced level.

The day is a great opportunity to get to know Steneby better. Meet students, talk to teachers, see our workshops and hear what opportunities that can open up after graduation.
In connection with our open house, you can ask questions about your application, work samples, accommodation, costs, attend workshops etc. Teachers, students and former students are there to inform and inspire.

Take the free bus from Gothenburg and Stockholm.

Info bus:

Gothenburg – Regionens hus at Bergslagsgatan 2 –  Departure 07:45

Stockholm, departs from Cityterminalen at. 05:00 (Gate is shown on info screen at the terminal). Return to Stockholm 15:00


Programme is under progress- Information will be updated soon.


Gratis buss till Öppet Hus 2022
Postnummer/ZIP code
I händelse av att ni uteblir från bussresan utan att meddela detta tar vi ut en avgift på 200 kr. Vid utebliven resa, meddela detta till info@steneby.se innan bussen avgår.