Steneby welcomes Columbus State University art professor Michael McFalls for a 5 month Fullbright fellowship starting in January 2015. McFalls will teach workshops and help graduate students develop their crafts in addition to honing his own skills and research. He will also present a lecture and an exhibition at Steneby Konsthall. Michael McFalls will be based in the Iron & Steel workshop and teach students from Metallhantverk, Järn & Stål, VGK, and the master programme.
How many times in one’s life do you get to travel and live in another country with your family, further your research, and collaborate and teach with faculty from other universities, while being fully immersed in that culture? I think what Steneby was interested in when they asked if I would teach the modules is me bringing a contemporary American art perspective because there is a difference, I think, in the way we approach art-making, and they were interested in having a different dialogue. In a way, I think they looked at it as a win-win. I get to go there to continue my research and learn things that I never learned before, and they get to bring in somebody who has a background that’s far different from most artists they bring in.

Close-up: Launching a New Venture (Springboard) 2013. Bronze, Cement Block, & Clay. ©Michael McFalls