Let’s talk about SPECTRUM

Christine Habermann von Hoch will show how she works in the different fields she’s working in.

Christine Habermann von Hoch is a German and Czech sculptor and metal designer.
She is known for her extraordinary art and design works within the field of Metal Art.
In her artistic expression she works with various types of metal – pushing the boundaries of classic metalworks and upgrading them to exclusive dimensions.
Christines work encompasses complex subjects told through visual beauty.

Her work includes a range in scale from the petite to the monumental, as well as art & design realistions for architecture, interior, landscape, public and urban spaces .

Christine is represented in various parts of the world, for example Austria, Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland.
She is the daughter of Master of blacksmithing Prof. Alfred Habermann (1930-2008)

In short she is the perfect example of a maker with a successful umbrella career

Zoomlink to the meeting. Tuesday may 17 at 18.00