The works shown vari from extravagant wall pieces that display the destructive power of humankind to delicate polished steel frames dressed in crochet symbols of
hope and rebellion. The seven participants each show a year of studio work consisting of reliefs, sculptures, interactive installations and performance arts.

The title “disparat” refers to their common interest and affiliation to their material based meeting ground. All artists coming from different backgrounds and nationalities. Their common interest caused the lives of these creators to intertwine. The cross pollination is undeniable but distinct and obvious differences are what makes the exhibition a harmonious celebration of versatility. Displaying techniques and combinations of materials, emphasizing their properties.

The artists live together in the remote village of Dals Långed, a small international cultural Mecka in Dalsland. Here makers from all over the world come to study art, crafts and design, living in close proximity with the Swedish nature and culture, working with materials such as metal, wood and textile.

Exhibiting artists are Rosa Aslaug (DK), Ben Schilderman (NL), Michael Schoorl
(NL), Anders Sharad Kråkenes (NO), Emil Fasial Hasselberg (SV) Paul Aadam
Mikson (ES) and Tobias Fransson (SV)

Location Sergelsgången 29, Stockholm
When 27-28 Jan 2024 11:00-19:00