Foundation Steneby School

Preparatory and supplementary programmes are normally only open for students with Swedish social security number.

For more information please call our international education coordinator 

Barbro Erlandsson Bratt
+46 531 714 80

Woodworking and joinery  
Forging and metalwork  


Form - Design, textile concentration  
Leather and fur crafts




Vocational programmes

Cabinet making 1-2 years
Furniture restoration 1-2 years



HDK - The School of Design and Craft at Steneby

The university programmes at Steneby are part of the new HDK. School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg. Steneby is an educational enviroment located in Dals Långed, 170 kilometers northeast of Gothenburg. 

At Steneby there are craft and design programmes on both bachelor and master level, specializing in: 

Iron & Steel / Public Space BA level
Wood Oriented Furniture Design BA level
Textile - Garment - Design BA level

Applied Art and Design MA level

General information about Steneby