JoJo berättar om sitt liv och sitt hantverk, visar sin skicklighet med yxa och kniv och finns till hands för tips och snack medan alla som vill täljer på eget ansvar. Hungriga kan köpa soppa. 

 Om JoJo Wood:

A second generation green woodworker, JoJo Wood has been woodworking almost since she could walk. She spent her early years travelling the world with her father, meeting craftspeople and amassing woodwork skills and knowledge, building the perfect foundations for mastering her chosen crafts. She is now one of the world’s leading spooncarvers, and is training under the last of the English clogmakers, Jeremy Atkinson. JoJo aims to inspire more women and younger people to get into woodworking, teaching that technique wins over physical strength every time.

JoJo teaches and talks worldwide, and has appeared in much of the national and international press and TV.

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