Sketch And Talk – An Ethnographic Design Method Opening Closed Institutions

Franz James, HDK, CUMULUS 161122. FINAL

Franz James is doing his Ph.D. in design at HDK – Academy of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg. Franz is currently on leave from his lectureship in Furniture Design at HDK / Steneby. His research focuses on the physical environment in mental health and prisons. As a professional furniture designer he has designed for closed care environments with focus on user-oriented design, including both care and safety as key words. In conversations with patients and clients in forensic psychiatry and prisons, he uses the ethnographic design method ”Sketch and Talk” where visual documentations and written notes are taken simultaneously. This is what Franz will talk about during the lecture, which also invites to an open discussion about design research and design’s (art’s and craft’s), meaning in general.