Vi önskar alla studenter, kollegor och vänner en glad sommar. Här ett brev från Stenebyskolans rektor Jeff Kaller.

There are moments that awake my reflection – birthdays, new year’s, school upstarts and skolavslutnings. They are a mark in time that present the opportunity to look back and look forward – to taste in the last memories of time and prepare for the next step forward. When I do this I am filled with the feeling of pride and optimism. It’s at this time of year that students accept university places, get a job, start an exciting project – all very good things and very concrete and all very tangible. I am also proud of so much more – and that is being a part of this place, made up of so much knowledge, energy, ambition and spirit. At this time, I reflect that Steneby is an incredibly special place – and an incredibly special time in lives of our students. These times can also be bittersweet. It is a time for many that marks a transition. It is the end of something – a year, an education, a period in our students lives that helps to form who they are. It is also the beginning of something new, a new year, a new experience.

I want to thank all of our students and staff for this academic year and congratulate them on making this year a great success! While there are many indicators of success such as all of their exhibitions, projects, applications to university and jobs, the most important thing is intangible, it is what is what is built inside us – it is learning. It is knowledge and experience that can be built upon for the rest of their lives. Long lasting friendships are formed here, as are mentorships and lifelong networks.

I often give a little advice to our outgoing students. The first is for them to nurture their mentors – I encourage them to keep them informed about their life, their artistic and professional development. We care about all our Steneby-students – and we care about their continued development!

I also tell students that they are the best ambassadors for Steneby (no pressure here….!). It is our students that will have an impact on the fields of design, craft, art, education, culture and more. Our students are the ones that will help define the future we all live in. And I hope they will draw from their experiences at Steneby for a long time into the future.

It’s summer now! For many of us at Steneby it’s the chance to wind down and recharge our batteries in preparation for our next adventure – the shoolyear of 2017 / 2018!

Happy summer!