The grain is an important aspect of woodworking. You must work with it, and understand it. However, in english, a grain can also mean a very small amount of something. A grain of sand, a grain of truth. With that in mind, GRAIN is an appropriate title for this exhibition. The woodworkers on display clearly have expertise in what they do, but they go beyond that. Technical woodworking is clearly at the centre of what they do, but it is also just a grain of their practice. They go beyond specifics through sculpture, form, colour and concept.

Exhibitiors:  Lars Apelmo, Per Brandstedt, Clara Dackenberg, Elakform, Peter Hellqvist, Lies-Marie Hoffmann, Sanna Lindholm, Lena Olson och Arvid Oxelhöjd.

Below is a video of an artists talk with Lars Apelmo, Per Brandstedt and Lena Olson in discussion with Niklas Engvall to celebrate the opening of GRAIN / FIBRER.

Utställningen genomförs med stöd av Sveriges Konstföreningar