The show at Bengtsfors Konsthall will include the work of 4 students from the Master’s Programme at HDK Steneby; Jessica Fleetwood, Billy Andersson, Bili Xia and Zach Lihatsh. They will be showing work that has its focus in presenting process and the development of work. Pianist Stina Blidstam will perform during the opening on Wednesday March 4 at 6pm.

VERNISSAGE/OPENING: 4 March 6pm, music by pianist Stina Blidstam.
ÖPPETTIDER/OPEN: 4-23 March. Monday-Wednesday 10-17, Thursday-Friday 10-16.

Billy Andersson (Sweden)
Iron & Steel + Textile-Garment-Design
As a trained blacksmith Billy is venturing into the world of woven textiles and exploring the relationships between the materials.

Zach Lihatsh (USA)
Iron & Steel
The work that Zach is doing is using forged steel to explore the aesthetic aspects of graffiti. Graffiti has made a steady evolution away from the literary written word and is now used a primarily aesthetic form of shape and line. I mean to explore the next possible permutations of this art form as it moves from the 2 dimensional walls to a 3-dimensional form. I have chosen forged steel because it is a medium that retains a linear/static yet flowing/organic duality. This same duality can be found in graffiti.

Jessica Fleetwood (Sweden)
Iron & Steel
Jessica’s work concerns portraits by women portrait painters from 1850 to 2015. Her work illuminates history from a female perspective. She often works with homage and replica and values the mark of the hand in her work and her process, always valuing the original artist’s interpretation when she sketches, investigates or forges. Varying techniques; etching, forging and welding along the lines of the coal drawing.

Bili Xia (China)
Wood Oriented Furniture Design
Spirits from ancient China
This work is about showing my own identity. By exploring my cultural background, I found my strong interests in ancient Chinese mythology which is fading away today. Therefore, I picked up and reproduced the characters from ancient mythological books in a new, vivid and visual way.

work in progress bengtsfors konsthall